North Coast Junior Tour

GHIN Handicap System

Welcome to the NCJT Handicapping System!


All NCJT Members will have access to post scores for an Official USGA Handicap!

NCJT Players can retrieve their GHIN number from their Player Profile page.

Use that number to Create a Profile through the USGA eGolfer sign-in.

Create a GHIN Profile

Post Score

Handicap Lookup

GHIN is a U.S.G.A. service

 The NCJT GHIN service is free of charge for players under 18 years of age.  Once a players reaches 18 years old, the player can either remain on the NCJT system by paying the annual fee or can move their GHIN number to another club or course (all such clubs or courses charge an annual fee).  When a player reaches 18 years old we will inactivate the players GHIN number, unless they pay for the service through NCJT.

NCJT Handicapping Polices and Procedures:

Each player is responsible for posting all eligible scores, including all tournament scores from NCJT event.